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BAJAI was founded in 2001 based on the expertise of Ph. D. computer scientists who specialize in computer vision, and artificial intelligence classification theory, efficiency and graphing algorithms. BAJAI provides patented, technologically advanced solutions to our customers for Internet forensic and On-line Activity Management. Our customers utilize these solutions to effectively manage their Internet environments.

BAJAI's vision is to continue to provide the latest and most innovative technology solutions that smoothly integrate and upgrade, ensuring that online activity trends do not disrupt an organizations current alignment strategy. By doing so, BAJAI solutions will always be your best choice.

BAJAI's mission is to provide tools for effective management of Internet activities and align those activities with specific objectives and policies. This applies to both proprietary and business-sensitive information, both incoming and outgoing, as well as ensuring the authorized and appropriate use of Internet resources.

On March 1, 2001, BAJAI won the Teknov8 award for innovative technology and satisfying market needs. Hosted by Dy 4 Systems Inc., Teknov8 is a year-long competition that gives bright and enthusiastic innovators and entrepreneurs an opportunity to build the business plans and new ventures that will change the future forever.