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Growth Patterns

The Internet is evolving and text is the dinosaur of content. Unprecedented growth is occuring and an automated method is necessary to keep up with this explosion of content. As you can see below human beings are not capable of maintaining indexes of this rapidly expanding resource.

Using high speed artificial intelligence data mining robots to dig up and categorize web content, BAJAI categories are always current, accurate and growing with the Internet.

Web Usage Patterns

The Internet has proven to be a valuable resource for optimizing workplace tasks. The benefits that come with this new workplace tool also has many downsides that can create havoc in your work environment.

By implementing an Online Activity Management tool into the workplace, you can ensure that your web resources are used in a optimal manner and inappropriate content is left outside the walls of your office.

Email Usage Patterns

Email has already proven to be a valuable communication tool. When it is used appropriately, it provides organizations benefits that far outweigh its costs. However, when email is used for purposes other than for which they were intended, the costs from litigation, lost productivity and diminished worker morale, your email system can become a liability.

By implementing an Online Email Activity Management tool into the workplace, you can ensure that your email resources are used in an appropriate manner and reduce legal liability, increase morale and save hours of lost productivity.