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OCULAR Demonstration

By using advanced areas in artificial intelligence known as natural language processing, Iajabot™ makes efforts to understand ALL the textual content before making a classification. Rather than simply looking for substrings with wildcards (*sex*) within a body of text, Iajabot™ understands that Essex County has NOTHING to do with sex. On top of this, Iajabot™ uses computer vision to further support its classification. Combined, artificial intelligence and computer vision form the basis for our patent pending OCULAR technology.

Man Woman Man

Above are a few images, quite tame by Iajabot™ standards. If you roll your cursor over them, you will experience how Iajabot™ sees exposed skin on the Internet. (This is only the first factor in determining inappropriate adult content)

As you can see, Iajabot's unique view of the Internet enable it to examine web content as a whole, rather than simply screening the text for "bad words", Iajabot™ is capable of making classifications much more accurately than any other robot-based classification mechanism.