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EnterprEyes is our premiere suite of On-Line Activity Management tools. It provides all the components needed to fully manage your organizations on-line activities. It includes the EyeUpdate list maintenance service and the EyeNalysis reporting tool.

ProxEye, the proxy server solution, fits seamlessly into your current infrastructure and manages requests for World Wide Web content. Utilizing the BAJAI List generated by iajaBot™ artificial intelligence content categorization, ProxEye does not require extra servers to handle the large enterprise.

EyeMail, the email activity management solution, is compatible with your existing server-based email software. EyeMail manages the email content and attachments that enter and leave your organization, protecting your intellectual property and minimizing legal liabilities. Using OCULAR, our patent pending real-time computer vision technology, EyeMail can handle the email volume of the largest enterprise organizations with out slowing you down.

BajEye, our client side activity management solution, is the final piece to the Online Activity Management Puzzle. Working on laptops, remote offices, and tele-commuter resources, BajEye offers an enterprise organization the security of knowing that ALL the resources are managed effectively.

EyeUpdate keeps the content categorization list up to date for both ProxEye and BajEye. By automatically updating the list regularly, the EyeUpdate service ensures that your enterprise is up-to-date.

EyeNalyis, our reporting tool for ProxEye, is included with the ProxEye package. This tool allows you to generate customized reports based on your organizations web usage patterns and is ultimately used to fine tune your Internet Usage policies.